Agroban (Regional Banana Corporation) is an Ecuadorian non-profit association of more than forty-two banana producers founded in 1966 whose mission is to contribute to national development through sustainable banana production.

To date we produce approximately 350,000 boxes per week. We sell almost all banana exporters. With around 7,000 hectares of banana production.

Our commitment is to value leading to a fair and inclusive society. A healthy and balanced environment. And high productivity per hectare boxes year.

Leadership Transparency is the basis for the implementation of our values.

Compliance with the standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Sustainable Agriculture Network (RAS) and the resolutions of the United Nations on agricultural sustainability, is the product of a deep conviction of being banana producers with a positive impact environment and the communities in which our farms are.

We are in a constant process of understanding and addressing the question of what is the role of private enterprise in a society in which there are important social and economic gaps? What is the role of a banana producer in Ecuador's society?

In several sections of our web page you will find programs and initiatives which aim to fulfill our mission of contributing to national development through an efficient and highly productive sustainable banana production.

Section "good practice" is particularly important. We are proud to present for the first time a value chain of a private sector production in Ecuador. Which led to a chart of accounts NIF unique and tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of banana production. All this in order to achieve a set of best practices in the industry. unprecedented event in the country.

The entry for "Training and Research" section another unprecedented effort noted in the sector. This is research agreements with IDE Business School and ESPOL (planned). Both colleges of the highest in Ecuador.

Senior Management Programs Banana Company (PADE) in the IDE Business School marked another milestone in the banana sector. Training programs are tailored for managers and owners of banana plantations.

Lead in 2014 the proposal to carry forward the improvement program COMPETITIVE (PMC) it was definitely a milestone for AGROBAN. For the first time in the history of the country banana was carried out a formal, structured process of study and healthy debate each and every one of the members of the production of bananas. The resulting document is the basis for all future initiatives in both the private and the public carry forward.

This year we started the process of defining sustainability indicators and standards "AGROBAN". We start with that most farms have associated certifications Allaince Rain Forest and Global Gap. We are convinced that Ecuador is required to reflect and thus proposed standards for sustainable agriculture that are not only suitable for the medium but with a significant emphasis on social inclusion and equity.

We invite you to know us better through this website.



Corporación Regional de Bananeros

Av. Juan Tanca Marengo s/n y J.J. Orrantia
Professional Center
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Guayaquil - Ecuador


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